Monitoring the supply of cooling Lubricant in Machine Tools

Robust pressure sensors monitor the supply of tool-friendly machining media

To ensure precise and tool-friendly machining of workpieces, pressure sensors monitor the correct supply of cooling lubricants. The sensors are subject to regular impacts during operation, which can make it challenging for them to function reliably. Turck took these stresses into consideration when developing the PS+ product series and now offers the PS510 series of pressure sensors, which have a fully welded metal measuring cell  and optional pressure peak aperture. The sensor withstands dust and liquids thanks to the high ISO protection classes IP6K7K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K.

Your Benefits

  • Greater cost efficiency and less machine downtimes due to sensor durability 
  • Easy commissioning thanks to automatic detection of output signals (I or U, PNP or NPN)
  • Intuitive menu guidance and two-color plain text display make them easy to use

  • Despite any impact loads, PS+ sensors can reliably measure the supply of cooling lubricant

  • Mounting the pressure sensor is easy thanks to the freely rotatable housing

  • The PS+ product series combines award-winning design and maximum functionality

Multi-color display improves visibility

When installing multiple sensors next to one other, it is increasingly difficult to recognize critical values at a glance. PS+ fluid sensors feature an alphanumeric display, in which figures change from green to red if a value exceeds the defined maximum. Even inexperienced users can immediately identify any deviations from the set nominal pressure value..

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