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For efficient production, conversion times must be kept short by equipment when changing products. The parameterization of classic vision systems with external PC is usually expensive. Banner Engineering's vision sensor iVu on the other hand, can be operated as easy and flexible as a navigation device. The remote display reduces costs and protects the vision sensor from unauthorized operation.

Your Benefits

  • The vision sensor iVu checks plastic and glass containers before they are filled and thus avoids rejects
  • Easy teaching of the sensor without PC
  • Remote display 

  • The vision sensor detects damaged glases from above

  • iVu with separate display

Banner's iVu brings the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a vision sensor together to provide inspection solutions that can be applied and supported right on the factory floor. It does not require a PC to configure, change or monitor, and it has a smooth step-by-step configuration: install/connect iVu, select sensor type, acquire image, set inspection parameters. 

The iVu combines three advanced sensors in one rugged package: a Match, an Area, and a Blemish sensor type. Integrated models offer a touch-screen for programming on the factory floor. Remote models provide separate touchscreen display that mounts remotely from the sensor to allow easy access for setup and monitoring. Banner's iVu is available in a compact, rugged housing with or without a variety of integrated ring lights- red, blue, green, and infrared. To add, it enables to change parameters on the fly.

The vision sensor has an Ethernet option for simplified communications and enhanced control of the sensor.

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