Full Range Turck Packaging Solutions

  • A servo-driven system delivers a throughput of up to 35 cases per minute printed, erected and sealed

  • TURCK Profibus AIM stations are used for I/O acquisition and control

  • A custom-built encoder with a d-sub connector was designed for Pro Pack‘s new machine

  • BL20 I/O systems installed within the subassembly give users control and diagnostics on the machine

The California location of the packaging specialist Pro Pack Systems makes the company especially appealing for a multitude of local fruit and vegetable producers. The plants in these industries are often kept a cool 34 degrees F, because of the delicate nature of the products. Pro Pack has designed their equipment with IP67 rated products to provide reliable operation in these locations.

Leap of technology and productivity

To meet customer requirements and industry demand, Pro Pack developed their latest packaging machine, the Pro Print/EBS-HS-2, that will print, erect and seal a corrugated shipping case.

To achieve their production objectives, Pro Pack began using Turck proximity sensors, pressure sensors to detect air and vacuum, I/O stations and cables to connect the devices to the stations and the modules to the processor for its Pro Print/EBS-HS-2 machine three years ago. Turck’s BL20 stations are also used in the control subassembly to retrieve and process I/O data. Likewise, Pro Pack utilizes Turck AIM (advanced I/O module) stations on the machine for I/O acquisition and control. Both of these systems are available in network protocols most often required by Pro Pack customers – DeviceNet and Profibus – so that the machines can be designed to suit the manufacturing environment in which they’ll function.

Reduced assembly and startup time

Pro Pack produces approximately 20 pieces of equipment each year, each with subassemblies on the machines to give users control and diagnostics at the point where it’s needed most. employees about how to operate and troubleshoot our machines.
With the exception of the BL20 system, most Turck products that are used in the Pro Pack equipment are IP67 rated, further ensuring the machine’s reliability in the field.

Thanks to Turck’s flexibility in manufacturing, Pro Pack was also able to have custom needs met. Turck was able to provide the company with an encoder with a custom cable connection for its Pro Print/EBS-HS-2 machine. A hollow-shaft encoder with a d-sub style connection was required for the integrated printing system within the machine, and Turck was able to respond to the request easily with minimal up-charge or lead time.

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