Monitoring the cooling circuit on welding clamps

FS+ flow sensors monitor the flow of coolant and warn of critical temperature changes

The spot welding of automotive body parts sometimes produces high temperatures, which welding clamps must be protected against by means of adequate cooling. To ensure accurate and high quality welding, FS+ flow sensors perform two controls: They monitor the supply and return flow of the cooling medium and detect an imminent overheating of the clamps within the circuit at an early stage.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced downtime thanks to reliable flow and temperature monitoring
  • Utilize the benefits of IO-Link: Flexible device integration and seamless communication through to the sensor level
  • Intuitive operation via touch pads that feel like smartphones

  • Avoid downtime: Welding robots often work within the shortest possible cycle times

  • FS+ flow sensors monitor the cooling circuit of robot clamps

  • Award-winning design with high protection classes: IP6K6K, IP6K7, IP6K9K

Operating principle substitutes an additional temperature sensor

Since the rugged sensor works according to the calorimetric principle, it monitors the media temperature as well as the flow. In this way, users know whether the entire system is likely to overheat and whether insufficiently cooled coolant has already reached the circuit. The 11-segment LED bar displays the process value of either the flow or temperature; the respective switching point is displayed in a different color on the user interface.

Eliminate sources of error: Auto detection (PNP/NPN) and delta flow monitoring

The FS+ ensures the fast commissioning of the entire application with two key simplifications: The sensor automatically detects whether the controller or remote I/O requires a PNP or NPN signal. Furthermore, delta flow monitoring significantly helps the user to precisely teach in the flow speed to be monitored. Only when a stable flow is detected does the software in the sensor release the teach-in process.

Data transfer with IO-Link 1.1

As an IO-Link enabled sensor, it is also possible to teach-in, operate or read the FS+ remotely, e.g. from the control room. In addition, employees have access to a max./min. memory for preventive maintenance. This has the function of a digital drag indicator.

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