RFID-based Tracking of Inbound and Outbound Materials

ABB realizes 60 percent productivity growth by digitalizing their production including material flow tracking with an UHF-RFID system directly linked to the company’s SAP

ABB produces about 80 percent of their breakers and switches in Vaasa, Finland. In Order to increase productivity the company automated the tracking of their material flow with a RFID system that communicates directly with the ERP system. When a truck pulls in to deliver goods for the factory, the RFID readers register each item in the delivery directly to the company’s SAP offering instant availability information.

Your Benefits

  • Error free loading process
  • Seamless material flow
  • Productivity raised about 60 percent through consistent digitalization

  • Consistent RFID tracking of inbounds and outbounds linked to ERP improves on-time delivery

  • RFID gates ensure reliable detection of all goods without delaying the process

  • Due to the tracking at goods receipt, available parts are always known

Outbound tracking

As ABB is ready to deliver a customer order, each handling unit will be monitored with the help of RFID. The company SAP system finalizes paperwork, after which all the handling units are moved to outbound freight area and loaded onto the trucks. The loading process is monitored and verified with the help of RFID ensuring an error free loading process.

Today the factory is nearly fully automated with 20+ robots, automated forklift trucks and seamless material flows. As a result, the productivity of the ABB factory has increased 60 percent and volumes are growing.  

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