Making Small Access Points Safer

SLC4 Safety Light Curtains are designed to prevent accidents at small machine doorways

While they are widely used and effective, automatic doors on test equipment can pose a risk to workers and machine operators. The standard solution is the installation of safety light curtains – but for particularly small machines, standard light curtains can interfere with machine function and access due to their size. Banner has engineered a solution: the SLC4 safety light curtain that fits comfortably alongside these smaller automatic doors. 

Your Benefits

  • Easy installation in space-constrained areas
  • Maximum sensing capabilities without any blind zones: The sensing area of the SLC4 extends across the full length of the device
  • Cost-effective solution for simple machine safeguarding applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs

  • Automatic doors pose a danger to machine operators

  • Compact safety light curtains can prevent accidents at hazardous machines

  • SLC4 safety light curtains are available with area heights of 160 mm, 240 mm, and 320 mm.

Test Procedures Require Doorway Safeguarding 

Electronic components, like many products, are tested before being packaged and shipped to ensure quality and performance. For these tests, components are individually placed in a sealed chamber to isolate them from external variables such as ambient light and noise. After the component has been placed in the chamber, the machine operator presses a button to initiate the test. After the test has been initiated, the automatic door to closes, sealing the chamber. The challenge is to ensure that the automatic doorway is completely clear before the door closes to avoid accident and injury. 

Safety Curtains with Intelligent Design

The SLC4 Series of Type 4 safety light curtains are specifically engineered to safeguard smaller points of operation and access on compact machines. Measuring just 160mm in length, they have an unobtrusive and compact design that fits easily in small spaces. 
The SLC4 is engineered with end-to-end sensing, eliminating detection blind zones and expanding the sensing proficiency of these compact safety units. SLC4 safety light curtains come in models with 14 mm or 24 mm resolution to specifically detect small objects, like a hand or a finger, as they attempt to access the doorway. 

Flexible Mounting Options, Easy to Configure

The specially-engineered compact size of the SLC4, combined with its range of adaptable mounting options – including multi-position end brackets and rotating side mount brackets – ease installation in tight workspaces. They do not require PC software, DIP switches, or any other devices, ensuring easy configuration. Troubleshooting and system alignment are simplified and downtime reduced by the bicolor zone and status indicators.

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