Condition Monitoring Sensor Automates Climate Control

Temperature and humidity monitoring in mobile chicken stalls

In addition to their roaming areas, free-range chickens usually have access to mobile chicken stalls, where water and feed are provided. The temperatures in these stables can get very high. High humidity can promote the formation of molds and fungi. Therefore, both temperature and humidity values should always be in an ideal balance, not least in order to guarantee long-term animal welfare.  Decentralized solutions with Turck's combined temperature-humidity sensor CMTH are available for automatic control of ventilation flaps and optional air conditioning. The sensor detects both values and reports when the values exceed the user-defined setpoint window. 

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective integration of two measured variables in one sensor 
  • Easy retrofit thanks to IP67 solutions 
  • Data view and control also possible via mobile terminals 
  • Complete solution from a single source

  • Condition monitoring solutions including cloud connection for climate control of mobile chicken stalls 

  • The CMTH condition monitoring sensor measures temperature and humidity 

  • The TX700 Edge Controller connects the system via LTE to the Turck Cloud or other cloud services

Control stall temperature from your smart phone

To control both the temperature and humidity, ventilation flaps, fans or even active air conditioners are available. Turck offers complete systems for the control of chicken stall air conditioning, comprising sensors, connection lines, wireless transmission technology, I/O systems, as well as controllers and HMI operator panels including cloud integration. Turck Cloud dashboards clearly display the status data of multiple chicken stables. It is also possible to control the systems from mobile devices or PCs via the cloud. The dashboards can be configured to the manufacturer's own design  

IP67 power supplies for stall automation with no switch cabinet

Other components such as drives or air conditioning systems can also be controlled via Ethernet or alternative interfaces. The solution is complemented by IP67 power supplies for direct installation outdoors or in humid environments. Thus, even autonomous solutions with photovoltaic power supply can be implemented. 

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