Signal Processing with System I/O in the Control Cabinet

Saving space: excom as an I/O solution for process control systems

For signal processing in the control cabinet, Turck offers Excom as an I/O solution for Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Excom intergrates ex separation and signal processgin in one system. For users of DCS systems with fieldbus connections, this saves a great deal of space in their control cabinets. For example, additional control cabinets or rooms can be avoided when extending an existing plant, saving money and downtime during retrofitting efforts.

Your Benefits

  • Excom as a system I/O solution saves space in the control cabinet room by combining the I/O layer and signal separtaion in one housing
  • Perfect solution for projects with limited space
  • Existing field connections can easily be maintained
  • I/O extenstions are possible while processes are running

  • As a modular I/O system solution, excom supports application-optimized signal processing

  • Turck’s excom system can be configured for use in hazardous locations or safe areas

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