Planning and Construction of Super Skids

Customized construction of ready-to-connect protective boxes and connection components

Turck offers a wide range of components for FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS-PA and other fieldbus systems. Upon request, Turck installs its fieldbus products directly into protective housings and coordinates the individual specifications with the customer.

The user receives an aluminum or stainless steel protective box ready to connect with plastic or stainless steel cable glands. If required, overvoltage protection and splitter stations will be included and wired as well.

Your Benefits

  • Comprehensive know-how for pharma applications with solutions for FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS-PA, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and AS-i
  • Application and customer-optimized device selection for super skid suppliers

  • Turck also offers installation of PA fieldbus products in customer-specific housings

  • PA fieldbus products in compact IP66/67 housings

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