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In this newsletter we introduce the Turck FS+ flow sensors, look at the wide range of Turck interfaces, announce the new Banner T30R radar sensors and investigate the range of in-line products from Banner. Our technical tip covers a couple of points to consider when commissioning Banner wireless products.


In this newsletter we explain some features that apply to the Turck IP67 Managed Ethernet Switch, look at Turck IO-Link masters, Banner illuminated E-Stops for ISD and the tough Banner touch buttons. Our technical tip looks at the station reports that our technical team can provide to help make BL20 IO System applications simple and efficient.


In this newsletter we take a look at the new Turck IO-Link starter kit, Turck full safety modules, Banner occupancy monitoring and Banner safety laser scanners. Our technical tip looks at some ways to use pressure sensors in high temperature applications.


We are currently seeing the isolation requirements in most areas being relaxed and as industry returns to more normal operation you can be assured that Turck are available and keen to assist, as we have been throughout the Covid-19 lock down. Please let us know how we can help you to get back to normal business.


The Covid-19 outbreak has put enormous pressure on everyone, but we are happy to advise that Turck and Banner are still operating as close to normally as is possible both worldwide and here in Australia and New Zealand. Locally our logistics team are in the warehouse ensuring our deliveries to you don't suffer and the rest of our staff have transitioned to working from home. If you need something, please talk to us and we will do our utmost to keep you running.


Our content and bi-monthly frequency of issue has had positive feedback so we will continue with the existing format, but we are always happy to hear your suggestions of what could work better for you.

In this issue of Connect Yellow we look at Field Logic Controllers from Turck, Banner's wide range of pick to light products and a whole lot more.


In this issue we look at some clever RFID products from Turck, Banner's innovative EZ-Status multicolour strip lights and plenty more.


In this issue we feature the ultra compact FEN20 IO-Link master from Turck, Banner's new Q130 radar sensors with a graphical user interface and a whole lot more.


In this issue we introduce the innovative new Turck PS+ pressure sensor series and the exciting Banner SC10 safety controller for  smaller safety system requirements. As usual, we also look at other great Turck and Banner products. 


In this issue we introduce two exciting new products, the Turck TCG20 multi-functional gateway and the Banner TL50 Pro Editor compatible tower lights. Of course, we look at other great Turck and Banner products as well. 


In this issue we tell you more about our new setup in New Zealand, we talk to an expert about custom connectivity and as usual we bring you lots of information on both new and established Turck and Banner products. Due to their popularity we have also included more video links. 


In exciting news for our local operation we are very pleased to announce that we have recently appointed Louis de Fleuriot into the new role of Sales Manager for New Zealand. We will have more information on our New Zealand operation in the next issue of Connect Yellow.


The Turck Australia Connect Yellow newsletter returns with quite a few improvements that we have made after we received some gret feedback from our subscribers on our previous publication. 


We are proud to introduce the first Turck Australia Connect Yellow newsletter. This communication aims to provide our customers with interesting and relevant information about Turck and Banner products and our organization. Contributions are sourced from our local team and also from the International offices of Turck and Banner.

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