Detecting Refrigerated Breakfast Rolls on a Multi-Lane Conveyor

Case packers run a variety of product types, sizes, and packages and robust sensing solutions are critical for accuracy, productivity, and cost savings. Primary packaging stations seal the refrigerated food, such as rolls or biscuits, inside pressurized cans. Once the pastries have gone through all primary packaging machines they move onto secondary packaging to prepare for distribution. Once the rolls are packaged and labeled they move on to the case packer where a predetermined quantity is placed into a box and later palletized for shipping.


  • Small spot size, high excess-gain, adjustable sensing range
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Sensor is CE, UL, and ECOLAB certified and rated to IP67

Accurate sensing of the packaged rolls is necessary to ensure each case is filled with the correct amount of product. A multi-lane conveyor collates the product into specific quantities which can be robotically picked or mechanically loaded into its case. Robust and detailed sensing allows for precise leading-edge detection and increased packaging speeds, increasing overall equipment effectiveness.

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