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 Quality products! Quality people! Quality service!
Our Staff seperate us from the pack! We are a dedicated team of individuals with vast experience in our industry. We take ownership and strive to ensure our company is not seen as just another suplier, we want to be a contributing partner to your business

Managing Director- Cameron Dwyer
Office Manager - Burke Hardman
National Technical Manager- Christian Homoc
Sales Engineer Queensland- Stephen Cassar
Sales Engineer New South Wales - David Coghlan
Wharehouse / internal sales- Joe Ansaldo
Technical Internal Sales - Peter Inns
Reception/Administration- Emmanuella Zevgaras
Technical Support - Andrei Proskurin
Accounts Contact- accountsau@turck.com
Sales Contact - insidesalesau@turck.com

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Turck Australia Pty Ltd
Unit 5,6-7 Gilda Court
Mulgrave, 3170. Victoria  
Phone:1300 132 566
Fax: 03 9560 1620  
PO Box 5037 
Brandon Park, Victoria. 3150

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